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Race Fail

December 22, 2009

This past Saturday I was supposed to run the Ted Corbitt 15K (which used to be called the Hot Chocolate 15K, and in my mind it still is called that). I didn’t run it. And that’s a-ok with me.

I hung out at a friend’s house the night before and didn’t get home till after 2AM (got caught behind the stupid garbage train on the subway). I had had an exhausting week and didn’t feel like waking up at 5:30AM to run 9.3 miles. And I had kind of talked myself out of it the day before anyway. Yeah…I really like running. But sometimes I like sleep better. And this past Saturday, I liked sleep a lot better. It was definitely the right decision.

I’m in Cleveland now for the week and have a few fun runs planned. Hopefully, if I get my act together, tomorrow I’m going to go out to the to Erie Canal Towpath about 45 minutes from my house to do some trail running. I’m not really sure how to get there, and I’m a little nervous that it is going to be icy and I’ll be the only one out there, but I think I’m going to try anyway. But only if I don’t get lost trying to get there.

(P.S. this is why technology is for lazy people. Right now, my sister and I are IMing from our bedrooms, right next to each other because we don’t feel like walking to the other person’s room. What is wrong with us!?)

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