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Keeping me accountable

April 30, 2011

When I started blogging again way back on Monday (it’s been that long already? time flies), I said I need this blog to keep me accountable with my running. So…here goes.

I planned on doing a longish run yesterday morning (which has been my routine this semester because I don’t work Fridays and only have orgo lab in the afternoon. Don’t be jealous, though. I work Sundays), but got caught up in watching the royal wedding. Yeah, I was totally that person who said she didn’t care at all about the wedding, but could be found tearing up on the couch yesterday, watching the entire broadcast. Normally, I would have been angry at myself for wasting a morning watching TV instead of running, but I decided this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, not a re-run of America’s Next Top Model, so I had a pass, and I could run this morning.

Well, come this morning, and I’m stuck on the phone for 2 hours with my grad school program I’m applying to. And post that, I was waiting for an email response that I literally would have curled into a ball and cried for days if the response to it was bad, so I had to wait. Well, phone call is done, email is responded to (good news!), so I’m going running. Okay, blog? I’m going running now. And will write about it when I get back. See you in a few.

You can yell at me if my next post says I didn’t run. I will accept any and all punishment and reprimanding.

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