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You made me run

May 1, 2011

You, little blog that no one reads right now, made me run yesterday!

I kept my promise yesterday, and hit the road for a solid 10 yesterday afternoon. And I probably wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t stated earlier that I was going to run. So, if that’s what it takes right now to get me out the door? Then that’s what it takes.

How was the run? Odd. I felt super fast but kinda weird. I was having acid reflux problems, but I think that was a result of my too-strong coffee earlier (I had to be super ON for my phone call that morning). It was beautiful though. Lots of dogwood and crabapple and cherries, and the last of the magnolias.

I didn’t garmin it, but I wish I had because I felt super fast, and am pretty sure I did the run sub 8. Which is speedy for me.

However, New Yorkers, I’d love to hear your response on this. I’m very rarely running in Central Park on weekend afternoons. It’s either weekend mornings, or weekday evenings. During those times, the park is basically runners and bikers, and not much else. This time, however, it was packed with non-runners . I felt like my park was being taken over! What are you silly tourists doing…walking?! This park is for running only! The nerve… 😉

Going to try to make myself accountable again: I’m going running tomorrow morning. Nothing big, hopefully 4 before work. Fingers crossed I make it. Less reprimanding allowed for this one.

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  1. Molly permalink
    May 1, 2011 11:30 pm

    Hey Bets, I am totally reading every post. Go you!

  2. Betsy permalink*
    May 2, 2011 4:39 pm

    Awwww, thanks Mol! You’re the bestest.

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