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1 run in 5 days? Better than nothing…

May 6, 2011

Not my best week for adding up the miles, but I was successfully active at least all 5 days. Hey blog, you better take what you can get…k?

This week was the start of my finals prep, so although I just had an easier month in terms of school between my last midterms and now, I now have a rough three weeks ahead of me. My classes this semester are actually at two different schools with two different schedules. Therefore, although my finals are separated by over a week which is good in terms of balance, it’s bad because my finals period is just dragged out longer, and the length of time where I’ll feel guilty if I’m doing anything that isn’t related to studying is extended. During this period, it means I pull out my notes on the bus, the subway, waiting for the bus or subway, waiting for a friend at a restaurant (who am I kidding? I don’t have a social life right now!), lunch breaks at work, the check-out line at Trader Joe’s, you name it, I’ve studied there.

One the way to the Urban Environmental Challenge, I broke out my fetal pig diagrams. Hi Susan! And then on the way home, my friend Jeff, who is in the same class by sheer, and awesome, coincidence, pulled out his fetal pig diagrams too. Amazing. Be thankful I didn’t upload my photos I took of the dissection. You’re welcome.

And guess when you can’t study? While running. Guess when you can study? Ellipticallying, stair-mastering, spinning by yourself (obviously not in a spin class). I’ve gotten exercising-while-studying down to an art, though. It has to be something you’ve already studied, like working off a study guide. No highlighting or notes taking can be involved. Memorization is great for working out, as long as you focus, and don’t let yourself get distracted by others. When I was studying for the GREs way back when, I was a master at learning 20 vocab words in 30 minutes on the elliptical.

During heavy study periods like this one, school has to have a priority over running and working out, and some evenings, I just can’t afford even a brief trip to the gym. A quiet night in the library with hard-core studying takes precedence. But, if I’m at a point in my studying where it can be lighter, say the night before an exam that I feel really prepared for and just need some review, or a week before when I just need to memorize flashcards, then a trip to the gym is in the books.

Take for example yesterday. I made it to the gym after an hour of early morning recitation, and studied histology while I did my own little spin in a quiet part of the gym, during a quiet part of the day. It was a win-win, and I think I can now successfully identify and label a slide of a hepatocyte.

And that run? Another Wednesday evening with RunCo! Another solid 7 on the bridle path. However, my stomach was waaay off the whole time and I had to stop mid-way in order to not puke. Ick. But, I finished the run, which is the same route I take every single time I run with RunCo, a solid 4 minutes faster than I ever have. I rarely use my Garmin (things I hate: standing on the street corner for 30 minutes waiting for it to find a signal), but that’s one run I would love to know what my pace was. I didn’t feel fast at all during the run, and was surprised when I finished and stopped the time on my watch. Maybe working out and studying at the same time is magically making me run fast? Probably not, but one can hope.

This was a really rambling post. And such is my life. Which is my sister was easily able to cut an entire page out of my grad admissions essay, when I couldn’t cut a word.

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  1. May 9, 2011 7:10 pm

    Remember when you pulled out your GRE vocab book and made me quiz you while we waited for food at our restaurant?

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