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March 12, 2012

I really didn’t want to do my long run today. My last run, on Thursday, was not good in the slightest. I felt sluggish, my joints ached, my IT band was tight; nothing went right. And whenever I have a bad run, I dread the next one. What if that run is bad too? What if this is the beginning of all my runs being bad? What if I never have a good run again? These are the silly thoughts that flood my brain between every bad run and the next.

Therefore, this morning, I lingered as long as I could, pushing back my run until the last possible second. Make a cup of coffee? Sure! That takes time. Why not review my cobalamin study guide? If I do that, I can go over it in my head on my run! Email my dad? I bet he needs my answer to his question in the next 5 minutes, not in 2 hours, when I would get back. I did everything I could to avoid that run. And then I realized my window to run was slowly shrinking, as I had to be out the door to head to the library by 10:30 and it was 7:30. So I yelled at myself to suck it up, get dressed and get out the freaking door.

I had originally planned on running 12 miles again, but because I had wasted so much time, I had to cut it down to whatever I could do in an hour and a half. I also had originally planned to run in the park, but decided to stay really close by and run the East River and Queensboro Bridge. And guess what…pretty much the second my feet hit the pavement, I felt great. Energetic, springy, relaxed, happy. All that anxious anticipation for nothing.

The river path was fine, but the bridge was the real highlight. I try to run the Queensboro every other week or so. I find running any bridge a great challenge, and probably the best hill workout in the city. I lived down the block from the Williamsburg Bridge for many years, and used to run it as often as possible. It is by far my favorite bridge to run, nice and long with a bit of a break in the middle of the incline. Williamsburg Bridge is a solid 5 miles away, so it’s a bit of a stretch to run besides for long runs…unless I do a destination run. Anyone? Williamsburg to Dumbo run? Bridge to bridge? Anyway, the Queensboro was especially awesome today. I felt strong but challenged, and excited that I was getting my bridge in. It was particularly windy today, as well as sunny, and my face for the rest of the day has been bright red from both the wind and sun. Time to find my sunscreen again!

And I made it home by 9:30, with 10 solid miles under my belt and was in and out of my apartment within an hour, headed for my favorite place in the world: the library. It’s spring break…so I was basically the only one there. It was kinda awesome. Kinda. Not nearly as awesome as my run, that I should have never been nervous about in the first place.

Oren's. Nuun. Tocophenols. Good times.

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  1. March 12, 2012 3:26 pm

    haha empty libraries FTW. And tocophenols, obvi. I’m glad you had a great run! I find that whenever I psych myself out for runs it’s usually nothing as soon as I actually get started. so weird. I’d love to plan a bridge run as soon as my hamstring can take it!

  2. btam permalink
    March 12, 2012 8:43 pm

    Williamsburg to DUMBO – sign me up!

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