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Goal: Don’t Puke

March 14, 2012

I am totally and completely a morning runner—whether it be super early or more mid-morning. My legs feel fresher, I have more energy, and most of all, my stomach is happiest. I’m not known for my stomach of steel…I have more like the opposite. Stomach of…rubber? Anyway, I pretty much am always a little nauseous in the afternoon, and any bit of running in the evening really jostles it around too much.

However, I used to run on weekday evenings all the time. I would run, maybe, once a week with my team, and I would join the Wednesday evening running group at the east side Run Co store. Every time, though, I would have to take breaks because I got too nauseous, and would end feeling really sick to my stomach. I never felt as good as I should have during evening runs, because of my damn stomach. The low point, though, was about a year ago when I did an evening run with Run Co, and felt not great during, and about an hour after I got home that night, puked, big time. All from that my evil stomach hating evening runs. After that horrible incident, I tried to slowly move away from evening runs to doing the majority in the morning—I did NOT want that to happen again.

Luckily, my school schedule this year has allowed me to get in two morning weekday runs per week, so I’ve all but eliminated the need for evening runs (to run in the morning when I’m working, I’d have to be home from my run at 6am, and I’m not quite up to running at 5am right now…). Today, though, I found myself faced with an evening run. This week I’m working M, T, W and if I wanted to get my Tuesday run in, I’d have to run after work. Sigh.

I went to work with my running clothes, and thought I had a 50/50 chance of actually running: I’m pretty good at psyching myself out from evening runs, thinking about my stomach revolting. However, the weather was amazing, and walking to the subway after work, I realized it would be stupid to waste the evening, and headed to the park.

I dropped my stuff off at NYRR and started my run. Along with the rest of New York. Holy crap, the park was crowded tonight. Lots of groups out running and every more recreational runner was out there. I hit the bridle path (of course) where it was a little less crowded, and did a five-mile loop (72 to Harlem hills, with the extended bridle path). My goals for this run were A) not puke and B) get in some solid miles. Overall? It was okay, and I achieved both goals. Yay? My stomach felt not great, but there was no puking. My legs felt tired, but not horrible. I felt…like I had had a full day before, not nearly as great as I do in the morning. They were a fine five miles…not fast, not slow…you could honestly call them junk miles. But I got out there, even when I really didn’t want to.

Am I glad I got out there? Of course I am. Will I make evening runs a regular part of my schedule once again? Hell no. They are officially emergency-only runs. I’m sticking with my morning runs.

(Hey Meggie…I watched Dance Moms while writing this. WTF is this show? Is this supposed to be child abuse?)

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  1. March 14, 2012 6:38 pm

    Wait Question: what do you mean you dropped your stuff off at NYRR?? Do you have a locker there?

    Also, I would have a stomach of rubber as well. #twins

    • Betsy permalink*
      March 14, 2012 7:42 pm

      NYRR has lockers!!! Bring you own lock and youre set! They’re super small, but good enough.


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