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Beach Running in South Beach

March 23, 2012

Guys, my hell week is over, so that’s awesome. Well, until my next hell week in three weeks. Although I think next week is going to be pretty rough too. I’m pretty psyched to sleep tonight, as I basically haven’t slept in a week. Last Wednesday night was the last time I got a solid night of sleep. Yeah…I’m tired. I just took a horrible exam, and when I was going over my answers the second time, I literally almost fell asleep. Pathetic.

So, I was in Miami last weekend! It was awesome. I was there for one of my college best friend’s wedding, and it was pretty much the most fun weekend of my life. They’re a college couple, so almost all of the bridesmaids (like me!) and groomsmen were college friends, so it was one big giant college reunion.

Best college girlfriends. I love them.

There was beach time and mani/pedi time and girlie time and wine time and dancing time. (I would like to apologize to the pedicurist for my toes. I haven’t gotten a pedicure since 2006, and my runners toes are a scary mess. And fugggly. She saw them and literally flinched. And I had to convince her that I didn’t want my feet scrubbed with the scary scrub thing because I didn’t want my callouses removed. And she did a pretty good job! You can only kinda see the black toe nails. Ew.)

My roommate saw this and said "oh, look how good your toes look!" My response: "those aren't mine. Mine are on the right." Her: "oh, I know. I know your toes can't look THAT good." (sad)

And, I even got running time in on top of all that other fun time! Friday morning, I convinced my two friends to hit the beach for some miles. Still having fun with not being able to sleep in, I was up at 6, and was hoping they would be up by 7:30 so we could be out the door by 8, but no go. They’re normal, and sleep in on vacation. Me? I left our hotel room, wandered the streets for some coffee and hit the roof of the hotel for study time.

Soon enough, though, they rose and we got our running in. We did a mix of packed-sand and sidewalk, enjoying the views of the water, and remembering what it’s like to sweat a lot while running. The three of us got in about 2.5 miles together, and I did another 3 or so by myself on the beach. Beach running! So fun. Something I never get to do in New York (unless I feel like venturing out to Coney Island). And not easy. But definitely a great change of pace from asphalt and concrete.

I was able to get another run in Sunday too, amazingly. Sunday, after the wedding. After dancing my butt off for hours on end. And after drinking a fair amount. After going swimming at 2am. After going to bed at 3am.

That's not nuun or gatorade...

But, I was awake at 6:30, knew I wasn’t going to go back to sleep, and decided to just get up, put on my running clothes, and see what would happen. I walked out to the beach and it was so quiet and peaceful…the only people out were those setting up hotel beach chairs for the day. And a few people walking their dogs. And even with the hangover and super sore feet, I started running, and ran about 20 minutes out, and 20 minutes back. Perfect for a little pick-me-up.

And then I got on an airplane and might have cried. Cause I knew this week was going to suck and I did not want to leave the fun escape at the beach, and go to my busy life. And this week did suck. But at least I still have sand in my running shoes!

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