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About Betsy

Hi and welcome!   

 I’m Betsy (way to state the obvious) and am a runner.  Yup…I’m one of those crazy people who like exercise, love running and thrive off of racing.  Luckily, I live in New York City which is a great place to fall in love with running and racing because of the plentiful running routes (and fellow runners) and abundant races.  I’ve lived in the city since the Summer of 2006 and have really enjoyed taking advantage of living here as a runner by exploring the city in my running shoes.  New York is such a diverse and massive city when you consider all five boroughs that traversing it with running is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to learn a city. 

I’ve been running seriously since about the time I moved to New York but have always been an athlete.  Ice skating, tennis, crew, rugby…the sports I’ve tried have run the gamut.  But, I always remember enjoying, and being good at, those warm-up runs or running on during conditioning practices.  And then a little after graduating from college I moved to New York and started running to avoid the doldrums of the elliptical machine.  And then I ran my first race…and became addicted.

Since that first race…I’ve run dozens.  There is nothing like the adrenaline that pumps through me while waiting in a race corral before a race. A lot of people don’t understand my love of running and racing…but that’s okay, because I do it for me. 

Join me as I tell tales of running and racing in this glorious and diverse city of mine.

By the way…I used to have a cooking blog called Betsy Cooks Healthy Food that I abandoned so unceremoniously last year, if you want to learn a little more about me.

After the NYC Half in August of 2009. Oddly enough I look pretty cheery considering it was one of my least favorite races ever. It was hot. Oh so hot. And humid. Oh so humid. And I was injured...I could go on all night...

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